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A Letter to Our Investors

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Daniel Charleton CEO at LandQuire
Daniel Charleton
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Charleton
Chief Executive Officer

To American Investors

LandQuire is an American land investment company. We buy undeveloped land parcels all across America. We seek residential land primarily but actively blend in commercially and agriculturally zoned parcels that meet our value equations, too.

We use individual investor capital to recover our investment expenses so we can then buy more land. We do this through Subscription Offerings in which investors place their capital starting at minimum Investments of $50,000 to $100,000 depending on how much money is needed to source it, analyze it, fund the steps to buy it, entitle it (if needed), and market it for exit sale to builders/developers or to retail buyers. We manage the whole process.

We try to complete the whole cycle from purchase to exit within 2 years. That’s the goal. Sometimes parcels take longer to entitle (think subdivisions) or sell – but mostly this added time is important to enable LandQuire to optimize the exit value on behalf of the individual funding and our investors.

This isn’t our first rodeo – either in terms of data analytics and deal strategy nor in making land investment and exit sale. We are focused on a very specific niche of the $3T  annual US land sales market, which we know very well.

Study us. Register with us so we can share opportunities with you.

Thibaut Gueant | Co-founder - Director of Investor Relationships
Thibaut Gueant
Director of Investor Relationships
Thibaut Gueant
Director of Investor Relationships

To International Investors

I’ve been making land and property investments in America for a decade – and jointly with many fellow investors from around the world. I decided to build my career in 2013 to help investors to get the most out of their investments. 

We understand – the rigor, concerns, and hopes for a safe investment environment that underlines all such investment decisions. 

We help – at a very low cost, we organize LLC and tax matters advice for our international investors. We can facilitate the entire process of proper setup to enable investment to be made.

We guide – with more than 100 international investors on board (often making multiple investments in our Offerings) and with a deep reservoir of interested investors, we cater to the needs and address the issues that are central to them making informed decisions about how to invest in America. Many of our investors have the net worth yet lack the experience of international investment. Many are young but also experienced investors. Ours is a marriage with our investors. So, it is vital to us that we cultivate awareness, provide transparency in the analysis of opportunities and communicate actively with those who invest with and in LandQuire.

Pierre Rizk
Pierre Rizk
Investor Relations Manager
Pierre Rizk
Investor Relations Manager

To Crypto Investors

If you invest in Crypto, you need to consider Land as a comparable and complementary asset class to add to your portfolio.

Here’s why…Since 1990, only the Dow Jones REIT index has outperformed Land (11.5%) for AAV – 31 years straight – that’s a fact.

Land, as an investment asset class, has outperformed the AAA Bond Index, Gold, US Treasury 10-yr Bond, S&P 500, Bankrate 1 yr CD, NCREIF Property Index, etc. – for 3 decades straight.

Today – crypto savvy financial analysts point to the benefits of portfolio balancing – including crypto investment within a portfolio providing alternative growth opportunities and hedging guardrails. They all include real estate as a principal investment to have in a portfolio. 

You can’t print or mine more Bitcoin – just like you can’t make more Land… and, despite the volatility of digital investment values these last few years, the trend is toward growth. Appreciating asset values is something we are familiar with in the Land business.

We see the long-term benefits of fixed supply against surging demand and understand the protected investment structure ‘smart contracts’ that the digital world provides. We see a chance at a stable digital investment future. You likely do too. We think we can bring this technology to our industry and attract new, young digital investors to our Offerings.LandQuire has some advantages – you should study us and register for our investment offerings.

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